The dog helped out a baby seal thinking it was a puppy


To save those in trouble is peculiar not only to people but also to animals.

Today, we will share an incredible story about how a dog helped bring out a baby seal on Lake Baikal, deciding that it was a puppy.

People who live and work as meteorologists on Lake Baikal found a small seal on the shore, which was already exhausted and practically did not move. The baby was taken to the station where they began to nurse. The dog, named Nika, also came to the rescue. People think that it took the baby for a puppy, it began to lick it and take care of it. A lot of affection and love gave its results and the seal began to recover.

To make the baby gain strength faster, people began to feed him with sliced fish. But it turned out that by nature seals eat in the water, so the baby was launched into the bath. At the same time, the dog did not move a step away from its ward. After a while, the seal was able to get out of the bath and crawled to Nicka.

The seal was named Umka. It was laid out on stones to bask in the sun during the day and returned to the bath for feeding. People decided to return Umka to Baikal in the evening, and it even sailed half a kilometer but returned. As Natalya said, Umka at first again did not want to leave its family. When on the third day the seal was again brought to the shore, it swam away completely.

Umka didn’t want to go anywhere, even though it was free. I even gave the seal a little push to swim, because it likes it so much. Umka swam, surfacing not so often, and soon disappeared. We think it met one of its own people. Umka has not returned to us…

Nika was sad for a while, but soon found new charges, domestic goats - which it now looks after. And you can be sure that it will not let them offend.

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