Hundreds Of Farmers Stay Silent During Auction So Family Can Buy Back Their Family Farm

Hundreds of farmers in Nebraska stood in silence during an auction so that a young man could buy back his family's farm. 

Credit: Cornwall Holiday Guide

David's family had been farmers for decades but, unfortunately, an ancestor decided to sell the 80-acre farm. This made the entire family upset but David was determined to win it back again. 

When the land went up for sale again through an auction, David and his father decided that they would save up money to buy the land back. 

On the day of the auction, more than 200 farmers were present. David thought there was no way they would have enough money to outbid the other farmers. 

But the farmers did something nobody was expecting. 

After David and his father placed their bid, not a single person spoke up. 

As it turns out, those 200 farmers did not attempt to bid because they wanted the family to get their land back.

After many attempts to solicit another bid, the Auctioneer took a break. Three times they took breaks, and each time everyone remained completely silent. Eventually, the auctioneer had to slam down the gavel and give David and his father the winning bid. 

"I've had two profoundly humbling days in my life," David said. "The first was the day my son was born. The second was that unforgettable day at the auction house." 

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