First Wild Birth Of Endangered Red Wolf Puppies In Four Years

A litter of red wolf pups was delivered in the wild for the first time in the previous four years. The six puppies were discovered last week in North Carolina’s Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge. The species, which is now classified as endangered, has hope thanks to the news. 

In April, Alligator River NWR began to experience the sights and sounds of spring, but something enormous was also happening to the landscape. fresh red wolf pups and renewed optimism for the species’ survival! The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Red Wolf Recovery Program announced on Facebook that during the week of April 18, “Red Wolf Recovery Program Staff confirmed a litter of 6 wild red wolf pups born to mother 2225 and father 2323 (to be confirmed through genetic testing).” 

Red wolves were originally widely distributed in the United States, but hunting and habitat loss caused the population to decline. Few of them are still found in the wild today, and their former range is much less. 

Only eight red wolves were still living in the wild as of the birth of the new pups, and specialists believe there are currently between 15 and 17 red wolves in total. In captive, there are 241 red wolves. According to NPR, the red wolf was even declared “extinct in the wild” in 1980. The species was initially listed as “threatened with extinction” in 1967. 

Captive breeding programs, according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, preserved the species. There were 120 red wolves in the wild as of 2012. However, ongoing human risks caused a significant reduction once more. Less than ten years later, as of 2021, only the estimated 15 to 17 wolves were still roaming free. The Endangered Species Act now classifies the species as endangered. 

Since there haven’t been any red wolf puppies born in the wild since 2018, when four pups were born, there have been four pups born this year.
“This new litter is the first litter of red wolves to be born in the wild since 2018.” The Red Wolf Recovery Program posted on Facebook, “This red wolf pair was produced by the combination of numerous management activities and the two red wolves subsequently following their natural inclinations in coupling, establishing their territory, and mating. A reason for excitement and celebration, “Every generation yields a new born hope for the red wolf”

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