A Helpless Cub of a Mountain Lion Was Rescued By Kind Firefighters!

Anyone who is shown compassion and care has the potential to save a life, whether it be a human life or the life of an animal. A tiny lion cub just 14 weeks old had been rescued by firefighters from the Vista Grande Fire station.
They had discovered the mountain lion cub on the side of the road in Idyllwild, located in south California. When they found her, she was in a terrible health condition and in disarray. She had become severely dehydrated and had gone without food for a long time. They estimated that the cub weighed 11 pounds when they first found her.

After that, assistance was requested from the Department of Fish and Wild. After that, communication was established with the San Diego Humane Society, which ultimately agreed to take the cub into its care. Due to the effective therapies that she received there, she is currently in excellent health.

The director of public relations at the San Diego Humane Society had told the media that the cub received the necessary medical care. In addition, Nina Thompson mentioned that the cub is provided with proteins and other essential healthy meals at the appropriate times. In addition, they expressed their delight that she had put on weight and is now 22 pounds.

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